LF Waterboy biography
LF Waterboy is a Nigerian musical artist with the real name Freeman Idoko. He's from Ogbadibo local government imeyi Oko, a town in Benue state, Nigeria. LF Waterboy was born in Enugu state on the 12th of September, 1999.

Biography Key

Full name: Freeman Idoko

Date of birth: 12th of September, 1999. 

Age: 23 years (2022)

Nationality: Nigerian

Hobbies: Music, Sightseeing

Occupation: Song Writer, Actor.

Net worth: Unknown

Career & Early Life

LF Waterboy biography career
LF means Lion Finger which is the name of his manager while water stands for vibes which is how he gave himself a unique name in the music industry, LF Waterboy started his musical career at the age of 16, His vibes do flow like rivers of water and he got no enemies in his hood because water has no enemy.


LF Waterboy biography education
LF Waterboy attended primary school in Army For Children Sch. Awk, Enugu State and he attended secondary school at Benue comprehensive college, Abosa Okl Orokam. 


LF Waterboy loves music with passion and he loves sightseeing too.

Artist Contact


Facebook@LF Waterboy

LF Waterboy Record Label

LF Waterboy is signed to Lion's Finger Record