Burna Boy Endorse Bra by JANEYKREST
Did Burna Boy Endorse Bra by JANEYKREST

Burna, Wiz and Rihanna baby dad ASAP are madly in love with Bra and pant as fans constantly pelt them with it. Though Bra is the title of a brand new street anthem banging in clubs . It was released by a girl called Janeykrest http://li.sten.to/zk8lb7p6

Burna Boy Endorse Bra by JANEYKREST

Fans are claiming Janeykrest released this song after noticing Burna, Wiz and ASAP Love for Bra and pants.  Listen to the song and judge by yourself  http://li.sten.to/zk8lb7p6

Burna Boy Bra by JANEYKREST

Janeykrest is a multi talented Albino female vocalist who has been around for a while.  Her latest single titled Bra was released under the auspices of SeyiAllenMusicMachine on August 5th 2022. And its on all online distribution platforms and also banging in clubs and Radio stations.