WWE Backlash 2022 Result Rhonda Rosie

A clear win from a talented fighter in the octagon and in the ring.

Rhonda Rosie has continued to shine in her career and is now the new queen of SmackDown after claiming the belt from Charlotte Flair with "I Quit Match" at WestleMania Backlash 2022 on Sunday.

The worst woman on the planet achieved this victory and dethroned her 195 day old rival and is sure to take revenge later.

How is Ronda's achievement?

That show at WestleMania 38 ensured the fight was lively from start to finish, and from the start Ronda held off Charlotte Flair's attacks.

The two come in search of the famous "I Quit" with kendo sticks, but the two warriors in the ring put up a fight.

However, it wasn't until Rhonda Rosie got her opponent's gun and awarded a double penalty that amazed the crowd with Flair's stamina that she never missed a pass.

Minutes later, the worst woman used a wrench to grab her rival's gear using a rope, though this lousy maneuver knocked her to the ground. However, the speed of the fight resulted in Ronda continuing to pass punishments and using the chair to attach the disarmament device, eventually causing the Queen of SmackDown to succumb to so much pain.

This fight showcases the power of Rhonda Rousey, who retired with a branded blue belt and loves to see her opponent lying in the ring and moaning in front of the crowd.