Nini Bbnaija Biography

Nini whose real name is Anita Singh was born 16th of may 1994. Nini is the third child in a family of six. She was born to Mr. and Mrs. Singh, BBNaija Nini majorly grew up with her mother. Her father is an Indian while her mother is a Nigerian. She was born and brought up in Auchi, Edo State.


Nini Bbnaija Biography

Anita eventually concentrated in Lagos, where she finished her additional schooling. She then, at that point migrated to Abuja,here she accomplished a degree in economists at the esteemed University of Abuja.


Nini began as a financial analyst before she turned into a design business visionary. Her affection for design, expressions, and fabulousness is her significant push towards making progress. Nini’s passion for fashion then keeps growing always and been keen on style. This love brought about the creation of Fashion Pub, a fashion brand which she plans to expand after the show. 

She also consolidates her insight into financial aspects with her design abilities to produce successful outcomes and support.

The bother for style has pushed her to make in-vogue designs in the field. She desires to overcome the African design industry one day.


Nini Bbnaija Biography

Nini grew up with just her mother and siblings in a secretive family. She has a strong mother who she admires and compliments without reservation. She is currently residing in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. Cleaning, cooking, travel, and photography are just a few of her hobbies.

Nini ventured into Big Brother Naija because she believes that a massive stage can completely transform her and help her improve her situation. She is also quick to assess new situations and believes that this experience will prepare her to confront challenges while also having fun.

Her hobbies include cleaning, cooking, traveling, and photography. She describes herself as being “curious, dramatic, ambitious and fun” and admits she loves to be the center of attention.


Nini Bbnaija Biography

During her time in the big brother Naija reality show, Nini seems to be in romantic relationship with fellow housemate, Saga. However her actual boyfriend is a Abuja based tech business man and brand ambassador known as Shojay Oteri.