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Check out the official lyrics to 'Alcatraz' by French Montana, Alcatraz was recently dropped by French Montana as part of the body of work for his upcoming album, Mac & Cheese 5, this song was co-produced by French Montana and Mixx.

Alcatraz Lyrics By French Montana | Official Lyrics
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French Montana - Alcatraz Lyrics

I'm expensive every day, I ain't free tomorrow (Free tomorrow)
I'm expensive every day, I ain't free tomorrow (Free tomorrow)

I'm a gremlin (I'm a gremlin)
I knew the ass fake and still hit it (And still hit it)
Her friend ate it, you been hated (Been hated)
Word to 112, my life ain't peachy (Ain't peachy)
Going viral like Fat Joe in them Yeezys (Fat Joe in them Yeezys, ah)
You know who got them hits, boy (Boy), straight drop (Drop)
You ain't popping (Pop), don't make me Kay Flock 'em (Flock 'em)
Split the work, had to J-Lo and A-Rod 'em (A-Rod 'em)
Then I shipped it out to Philly like James Harden (Bah)
Put the hoes in the SoHo house (SoHo house)
Feeling like Nelly, might snipe your bitch and put the porno out (Woo)
The mayor wanna meet them young boys wilding (Wilding)
It ain't drill music (Music), they been catching bodies (Baow)
Busting down four Os, no Audi (Skrrt)
Riding with the Masi like Yo Gotti (Yo Gotti)
They thought it was funny, they was trolling (They was trolling)
Caught 'em like DaBaby, they was bowling (They was bowling)
Montana flood the city, you ain't making no noise (No noise)
I just snatched DThang up, them Coke Boys (Coke Boys)
I feel like Ye through the car crash (Car crash)
Feel like Ye 'cause me and Ye killed the curse from the Kardash (Kardash, woo)
They shot me from behind, that's a flashback (Flashback)
It was a body on the scene from the blast back (Blast back)
She lied on her booty, that's an ass cap (Ass cap)
I asked her what's her sign, she said, "CashApp" (CashApp)
I came with the drama like Jack Harlow (Jack Harlow)
That Bugatti two-toned like Winnie Harlow (Ah)
South Bronx, south side with the hitters (Hitters)
Back like Joe Rogan, I ain't fucking with you niggas
Shawty sent 50K, she ain't send enough (Send enough)
I'm a mack, baby, I ain't no swindler (Swindler)
From the floor up (Up), no ceilings (No ceilings)
No bored apes, just gorillas (Just gorillas)
Super cold, Dr. Dre at the Super Bowl
Two below, been Death Row before Snoop controlled (Woo)
Five bricks in G5 (G5)
I run the Apple like Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs)
Ride big Vs like the G house (G house)
Montega in the flesh, Mac & Cheese 5 (Mac & Cheese 5)

I'm expensive every day, I ain't free tomorrow (Free tomorrow)
I'm expensive every day, I ain't free tomorrow (Free tomorrow, ah)